[RESOLVED] UAT Advanced Workflow Performance Degradation

 POSTED: Apr 6, 2020 10:15:38 AM        Workflow, UAT, Service Degradation

[RESOLVED April 6, 2020 21:31 CDT] The SpringCM Technology Team has resolved the Workflow performance degradation issue within the application on the UAT Instance. The issue was observed starting at approximately 07:48 CDT and resolved at 21:24 CDT.   We will provide a Root Cause Analysis here within a few days.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

[UPDATE April 6, 2020 14:45 CDT] The SpringCM Technology Team continues to work on the Workflow performance degradation issue within the application on the UAT instance.

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[RESOLVED] NA21 | Service Degradation

 POSTED: Aug 30, 2019 1:39:57 PM        NA21, Service Degradation

[ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS Sept, 24, 2019] 


Spring - UI Session Management Intermittent Connection Failures/Outage


2019-08-30 , 13:00CT to 15:30CT


About 10% of (SpringCM) users whose accounts are primary to the NA21 instance of SpringCM got errors trying to login and active sessions got redirected to the login page or received a gateway time out.
This only impacted our (SpringCM's) NA21 user base.


During a recent release we changed session management platforms.  There was an increase in requests to the new platform and unanticipated traffic patterns


Modified the maximum number of clients that can be handled simultaneously. Rolled back implementation to the previous version.

[RESOLVED] The SpringCM Technology team identified and resolved the service availability issue on the NA21 instance on Friday, August 30 at approximately 15:30 CST.   The outage lasted approximately from 13:00 CST to 15:30 CST (2.5 hours).  We apologize for the inconvenience and will be providing a Root Cause Analysis in the near future.

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